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Review of Multimodal Biometric Identification Using Hand Feature and Face

Author(s): Sampada A. Dhole | V H Patil

Journal: Buletin Teknik Elektro dan Informatika
ISSN 2089-3191

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 179;
Date: 2012;
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In the era of Information Technology, openness of the information is a major concern. As the confidentiality and integrity of the information is critically important, it has to be secured from unauthorized access. Security refers to prohibit some unauthorized persons from some important data or from some precious assets. So we need accurateness on automatic personal identification in various applications such as ATM, driving license, passports, citizen’s card, cellular telephones, voter’s ID card etc. Unimodal system carries some problems such as Noise in sensed data, Intra-class variations, Inter-class similarities, Non-universality and Spoof attacks. The accuracy of system is improved by combining different biometric traits which are called multimodal. This system gives more accuracy as it would be difficult for imposter to spoof multiple biometric traits simultaneously. This paper reviews different methods for fusion of biometric traits.
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