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低渗透油藏井网加密调整后开发指标评价及预测综述 Reviews on Evaluation and Prediction of Low Permeability Reservoirs’ Development Index after Infilling Well Pattern

Author(s): 段宝江 | 熊伟 | 高树生 | 沈瑞 | 杨智慧 | 张焕

Journal: Advances in Porous Flow
ISSN 2164-5639

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 16;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 低渗透油藏 | 井网加密 | 开发指标 | 评价 | 预测 | Low Permeability | Well Pattern Infilling | Development Index | Evaluation | Predict

近年来低渗透油藏在我国油田开发中所占的比重越来越大,注水是低渗透油藏有效开发的最重要手段,为了改善注水后期开发效果,很多低渗透油藏采用井网加密调整的手段来达到注水提高原油采收率的目的。本论文主要针对有关低渗透油藏井网加密调整前后注水开发效果评价的相关文献进行调研分析。内容主要包括两部分:1) 根据井网加密原则针对低渗透油藏设计不同的加密方式,并选择最佳方案,以使油藏开发效果达到最佳;2) 低渗油藏井网加密调整后,根据油藏开发效果评价指标筛选原则,筛选出油藏开发指标评价体系,进而对油藏开发效果进行评价,最终达到对当前注水开发油田的主要开发指标进行预测的目的。 In recent years, the proportion of low permeability reservoirs development is becoming larger and larger in the oil and gas exploration field of our country. Water flooding is the most important way for low permeability reser-voirs' effective development. In order to improve the effect of the water flooding development, a lot of low permeability reservoirs are infilled well pattern to enhance oil recovery. This paper deals with the study of effect evaluation of low permeability reservoir by infilling well pattern. The main content is divided into two sections: 1) In order to achieve the best results of oilfield development, different infilling pattern are designed, and then the best program is selected ac-cording to the principle of well pattern thickening; 2) After thickening the well pattern, according to the selection prin-ciple of oil field development effect evaluation index, an oilfield development indexes system is filtered, and then as-sess on the impact of development, finally, the oilfield development can be evaluated by predicting the main develop-ment index.
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