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RNA Wave for the HIV Therapy: Foods, Stem Cells and the RNA Information Gene

Author(s): Yoichi Robertus Fujii

Journal: World Journal of AIDS
ISSN 2160-8814

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 131;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: CCR5?32; HIV-1; Edible Vaccine; iPS cell; Microrna; RNA Information; RNA Wave | siRNA; Stem Cell Therapy

The microRNA (miRNA) gene is small RNA molecule, approximate 20 nucleotides (nts) in length, and also the miRNA is information in a cell as well as the mobile genetic information; therefore, when only one kind of tumor suppressor RNA information gene (Rig) was intravenously administrated, tumorigenic cells can be retuned to the normal cells in vivo. Although the processes of oncogenic have multiple ways, Rig can control its complex system, such as cell cycle with tuning to translation and transcription processing systems. In quite recent experiments, human breast milk and bovine milk have contained Rigs into their microvesicular components. Both also contain the infant nutrient elements. Further, the siRNA genes in artificial nanoparticles were delivered via oral and could restore mouse intestinal inflamemation. In general, Rigs in the diet were found stable to orally affect the digested animals, therefore, the xenotropic Rigs in Rig transgenic plants could also protect from HIV-1 infection by the edible vaccine via intestinal cells. Because orally delivered miRNA as information could be incorporated into intestinal cells and transmitted into intra- and inter-cells and between individuals to wave the system of translation and transcription. Given these mobile characters of Rigs, even though there is the xenotropic miRNA issue, edible Rig agents in plants as a vaccine would be applicable for the Rig diseases (RigDs) by the information technology-based therapy (iTBT) cooperated with system-based therapies such as stem cell therapy and chemotherapy.
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