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The role of Design in the establishment of reading contracts in printed papers: a study in the 2010 graphic reform of Folha de S. Paulo

Author(s): Ana Gruszynski

Journal: Estudos em Comunicação
ISSN 1646-4974

Volume: 12;
Start page: 85;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: graphic design | printed newspapers | editorial design | Folha de S. Paulo

The article discusses how the visual elements established in the design of printed newspapers may guide the paths of the reader trough the publication, considering the notion of reading contract and the specificities of the press. It is a theoretical reflection that has its foundation on bibliographic research and brings reproductions of pages of the brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo and other communicational products related to its graphical reform of 2010 as visual arguments that relate to topics discussed in the text. It is observed that the bonds established between printed newspapers and its target audience is increasingly moving to other platforms, which affects not only the editorial and the graphics reformulations of the editions on paper, as also in other communicational strategies of renewal of the reading contracts.
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