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The role of intangible assets in the regional economic growth

Author(s): Jordi SuriƱach | Rosina Moreno

Journal: Investigaciones Regionales
ISSN 1695-7253

Issue: 20;
Start page: 165;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: intangible assets | knowledge capital | human capital | social capital | entrepreneurship capital

This paper is the summary of the IAREG (Intangible Assets and RegionalEconomic Growth) European project, which analyzed the role of intangibleassets (IA) on regional economic growth. We focused on some of the most relevantintangible assets, for which statistical information is available and where the consortiumhad more expertise. Consequently, in this paper we put special attentionin four big factors: knowledge capital, human capital, social capital and entrepreneurshipcapital. Additional to the main characteristics of each of these IA (relatedwith their measurement and their effects on regional economic growth), we alsoanalyzed the ensemble effects of these IA over the location of firms. For each asset,we describe its main characteristics, the indicators for its measuring and its limitations,as well as the main results associated to its impact on regional growth. Wemust outline that in order to improve the analysis of the effects of the IA in regionaleconomic growth it is necessary to develop more and better databases. We presentsome thoughts in this respect, based on our research experience. Finally, we givesome policy implications and recommendations.
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