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Role of Lymphatic Polychemotherapy and EHF Therapy in Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Complicated by Carcinomatosis of Abdominal Cavity

Author(s): Akbarov E.T. | Navruzov S.N | Abdujapparov S.B. | Islamov H.D.

Journal: European Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical Journal
ISSN 1804-5804

Volume: 1;
Start page: 7;
Date: 2011;
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Aim: to improve treatment results of colorectal cancer,complicated carcinomatosis of abdominal cavity, byassociated using of endolymphatic chemotherapy (ELCT)and local extremely high frequency (EHF) therapy.I group 21 people (33.3%) performed colostomy, thenneoadjuvant systemic chemotherapy by the schemeFOLFOX4.It was held two cycles, after two cycles theirwere received cytoreductive surgery;II group – 26 people (41,3%) received cytoreductiveoperations with early postoperative intraabdominalchemotherapy by oxaliplatin (200 mg/m(2) at day 1 and 5FU650 mg/m(2) from days 1 to 4.III group – 16 people (25,4%) also performed colostomy,then used 2 courses of ELCT with local EHF therapy andall patients were received cytoreductive operations. ELCTwas carried out injecting oxaliplatin100mg/m(2) a dayduring 12 hours and then 5 – FU in doze of 600 mg/m2 aday during 72 hours by the instrumentality of the dozer andLV200mg/m(2) (2hintravenous infusion). During ELCTpatients received local EHF therapy in abdominal cavity foran hour.After chemotherapy the partial regress of tumor observedin 1st group in 4,8 % and in 3rd –37,5 %, stabilization ofprocess noted in 28,6 and 50% cases, progressing –66,7and 12,5% cases correspondingly to groups.Histomorphologic study of malignant foci after ELCT+EHFtherapy showed reduction of specific area of parenchymacancer cell from 57 till 39% simultaneous growth of stromafrom 40 till 58% and in necrosis area – from 1,8 till 2,5%.Mitotic activity of tumor cells in the 1st group decreased(average in 22 un.), but in 3rd group it decreased until 11units.Analysis of life span showed that in 1st group of patients2 year survival rate was 66,7%. In 2nd group of patients2year survival rate was 42,3%.ELCH+EHFtherapy has high clinic efficacy and promotesto decrease terms of progression of tumor process,increases life span from 0 till 24% and quality of life of thepatients. ELCH+EHFtherapy brings to reduction of specific area of parenchyma in cancer cells from 57 till 39% with simultaneous growth of stroma area from 40 till 58% and necrosis area – from 1,8 till 2,5%. ELCT+EHFtherapy lowers mitotic activity of tumor cells, activates apoptosis, hemodynamic and metabolic rates.
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