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The Role of Replacing CdO by Fe2O3 on the Fast Neutron Removal Cross Sections in Cd-Boro Phosphate Glass Shield

Author(s): Hanaa A. Sallam | Heba A. Saudy

Journal: World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics
ISSN 2160-6919

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 62;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Iron Phosphate Glasses | Fast Neutron | Removal Cross-Section

This work deals with the application of [MERCSF-N] computer program in calculating the macroscopic effective removal cross-section of fast neutrons, ΣR (cm-1), for two different boro phosphate glass systems: (0.5 - x) CdO-x Fe2O3-0.4 P2O5-0.1 B2O3 and (0.5 - x) B2O3-x Fe2O3-0.1 CdO-0.4 P2O5 (with 0.05 x 0.5 by mole), to realize from the role of iron in the attenuation process and hence the usefulness of the glass containing iron as neutrons shielding material. The effect of replacing cadmium and boron oxides by iron oxide has been analyzed which proved that iron is more efficient than cadmium in attenuating and removing fast neutrons and that the presence of small amounts of B2O3 at least 0.1 mole fraction, with iron is needed to aid improving the removal cross-section of iron phosphate glasses. Experimental IR results are developed and used to trace the structural change and confirm the role of iron in the removal cross section.  
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