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Author(s): Ion Duţu, | Crăişor Mazilu, | Ancu Sergiu

Journal: Scientific Papers of the Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti, Romania
ISSN 1584-2231

Volume: XXVII;
Start page: 120;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Prunus | rootstock | cuttings | compatibility

European plum was, and it will continue to be, an important temperate fruit species for Romanian growers. It is difficult to Romanian rootstock breeders to release a new rootstock with large acceptance in plum industry, for multiple reasons, out of which the most important one is the easiness for nurseries to use local myrabalan biotypes (spread all over the country), in obtaining seedlings to be grafted. But one of the important reason to look more attentively at the rootstock, it is the fact that majority of released Romanian plum cultivars having like female parent ‘Tuleu gras’ cv. has low compatibility when grafted on myrabalan seedlings. Of course, like all over the world, Plum pox virus is a permanent threat also and for Romanian growers. In the 1999 year, RIFG Pitesti released two plum rootstocks, selected from myrabalan (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.) native flora, Mirobolan C5 and Mirobolan dwarf, to be used like seed source for seedlings (generative rootstocks). Mirobolan C5 has a high vigor and was intended for heavy soils (a lot in Romania), replanting sites, or for plum orchards to be mechanically harvested. Mirobolan dwarf has a low vigor and was intended for intensive orchards with cultivars for fresh marketing. Both rootstocks can be clonally propagated by cuttings but, there is a problem with Mirobolan dwarf establishment in the nursery field given to abundant coming into blossoming of the cuttings. A more recently released vegetative rootstock for peach, Adaptabil (2000 year), but polyvalent, began to be used successfully for grafting plum varieties other than those derived from Tuleu gras or Reine Claude parental lines. Adaptabil is very easy to be propagated by softwood cuttings, has a medium to low vigor (female parent is Prunus besseyi Bailey), and is resistant to Plum pox virus. Three advanced plum selections: Redutabil (Adaptabil x Prunus cerasifera pisardii), Mirodad 1 and Mirodad 2 (both from Adaptabil x Mirobolan dwarf crosses), with improved grafting compatibility versus Tuleu gras and Reine Claude offspring’s, are very promising clonally propagated rootstocks for future intensive orchards.
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