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Scenario of agricultural hydric demand for the irrigation optimization for small producers from the flat lands of the Guabas river basin; Escenario de demanda hídrica agrícola para la optimización del riego de los pequeños productores de la zona plana de la cuenca del río Guabas.

Author(s): Sara Marcela Paz | Valentina Muñoz Agudelo | Andrés Fernando Echeverri S | Norberto Urrutia Cobo

Journal: Informador Técnico
ISSN 0122-056X

Volume: 76;
Start page: 5;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Water demand | irrigation efficiencies | small rural producers

The Association of Users of the Guabas River basin (ASOGUABAS), inagreement with the research group on integral management of irrigationfor agricultural development and food security (WATER) from Universidad del Valle, conducted a study to determine thewater demand of small producers from the flat areaof the drainage basin of the Guabas River, as a firststep toward efficient use of water.Climatic and cartographic information was collectedof the flat area of the municipalities of Guacaríand Ginebra, department of Valle del Cauca. Subsequently,the agricultural zone of each propertywas determined by using geo-global positioningtechnology. The water needs of crops, contributionof rainfall, needs of irrigation, and water demand ona monthly level were calculated.Results indicate that, according to the behavior of theevapo-transpiration and precipitation in the study area, twotimes of irrigation needs exist associated to rain periods(bimodal behavior). In addition, it was identified that thecurrent demand is high due to the poor state of infrastructurein existing water distribution channels; hence, despitehaving irrigation methods located on the farms, a criticalmodule of irrigation of 0.85 ls-1 is present. On the basis ofthe above, a simulation of a scenario of demand improvingthe efficiencies of the transmission and distribution systemof irrigation water was performed and a critical module of0.4 ls-1 was achieved.

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