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Secondary School Students’ Misconceptions About the “Transportation and Circulatory Systems” Unit

Author(s): Selâmi Yeşilyurt | Şeyda Gül

Journal: Journal of Theoretical Educational Science
ISSN 1308-1659

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: misconception | secondary school | biology | transportation and circulatory systems

The purpose of this study was to determine secondary school students’ misconceptions about the “Transportation and Circulatory Systems” unit in biology course. The study was conducted with totally 78 students who were 11th graders being taught in three secondary schools in Erzurum. In the study, a valid and reliable “Misconception Diagnosis Test” was administered to students to determine their misconceptions about the “Transportation and Circulatory Systems” unit. Data were analyzed by means of SPSS 12.0. Findings showed that students had various misconceptions about the “Transportation and Circulatory Systems” unit such as osmotic pressure and water absorption, transpiration and cohesion force, open and closed circulation, structure of the heart and heart bumping, blood vessels, blood and blood cells, blood pressure, relation of the circulatory system to other systems, lymphatic system, defense and immune. At the end of the study, recommendations were made to remove students’ misconceptions.

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