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Security Analysis of Generalized Confidentialmodulation for Quantum Communication

Author(s): Hidema Tanaka

Journal: International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications
ISSN 0975-2293

Volume: 5;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 117;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Quantum communication | Phase Shift Keying | Stream c ipher | Mode of operation | Encryption Oracle

We propose a new evaluation method for‘generalized confidential modulation(GCM)’ for quantum communication. Confidential modulation realizes a secret communication by using secret information formodulation and noise in a channel. Y-00 is one of the famous methods of GCM forquantum communication.The existing evaluation methods for GCM are based on stream ciphers. They can estimate its analyticalsecurity andthe evaluation depends on the security status of pseudo random number generator (PRNG)which controls the modulation. On the other hand,our method is based on mode of operation for blockciphers and clears the weaknesses from structural viewpoint. Using our method, we can compare thesecurity of different GCM structures. Our method ofsecurity evaluation and comparison does not dependon the security status of PRNG.From the results of ourevaluation, we conclude that the security of GCMislimited to computational security.

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