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Selection of Metal Casting Processes; A Fuzzy Approach

Author(s): Kasim M. Daws | Zouhair I. AL-Dawood | Sadiq H. Al-Kabi

Journal: Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
ISSN 1995-6665

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Metal Casting | Process Selection | Fuzzy logic | Design for Manufacturing | and Decision-Making

Choosing the right manufacturing process for making a component is an important consideration at the early stages ofdesign. In metal casting process, there are over forty different processes with different capabilities. A designer can benefitfrom knowing the manufacturing process alternatives available to him. Inaccurate process selection can lead to financiallosses and market share erosion. In this paper, an automated advisory casting process selection system is designed. Thedesigned system named (CACPS) the objectives of this system to solve the problems of process selection and evaluation(PS&E) activities. The designed system depends on methodology for selection and evaluation of process that based on anumber of user-specified criteria or requirements. The decision model enables the representation of the designer’spreferences over the decision factors it is based on weighted property index (W.P.I) algorithms to determine the relativeimportance of each criterion. A compatibility rating between product profile requirements and the alternatives stored in thedatabase for each decision criteria are generation using fuzzy logic (F.L) methodology. These requirements were matchedwith the capabilities of each process the compatibility ratings are aggregated into single rating of that alternative’scompatibility. A ranked set of compatible alternative processes is out put by the system. This approach has advantages overthe existing systems, which are equipped with a decision module or a data base
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