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Sensitivity analysis of surface ozone to modified initial and boundary conditions in both rural and industrial zones

Author(s): N. Castell | A. F. Stein | R. Salvador | E. Mantilla | M. Millán

Journal: Advances in Science and Research
ISSN 1992-0628

Volume: 2;
Start page: 113;
Date: 2008;
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A three-dimensional air quality model based on a set of chemical species mass conservation equations describes the time evolution of chemical species in the atmosphere. In order to solve this set of equations, proper choices of initial and boundary conditions are needed. Ideally, initial and boundary conditions should be determined on the basis of observations. However, since such high-resolution observations are generally not available, it becomes necessary to use other information sources to specify the initial and boundary values. The fact that both the initial and the boundary conditions are specified with some degree of presumption makes it important to evaluate their influence in the model results. In this paper we present a study of the impact of initial and boundary concentrations on the modelled surface ozone concentration over two environments: Huelva and Badajoz, an industrial and a rural zone, respectively. The impacts are analysed for the same meteorological period (10–15 August 2003).
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