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Simultaneous vibrant soundbridge implantation and 2nd stage auricular reconstruction for microtia with aural atresia

Author(s): Lynne Hsueh Yee Lim | Ling Xiang | Jocelynne del Prado | Ee Ling Chin | Millo Achille Beltrame

Journal: Audiology Research
ISSN 2039-4330

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: e28;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: simultaneous surgery | middle ear implant | microtia | atresia.

Aural atresia and severe microtia are associated malformations that result in problems with hearing and cosmesis, associated speech and language difficulties and diminished self-esteem. In cases where middle ear ossiculoplasty and aural atresia canalplasty are expected to give poor hearing outcomes that would eventually require the use of hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids or active middle ear implants may be better options. This case report describes a simultaneous Vibrant Soundbridge implantation and 2nd stage auricular reconstruction with rib graft cartilage for an 11-year-old boy with grade III microtia and aural atresia 8 months after the 1st stage reconstruction. Audiometric results of the Vibrant Soundbridge aided ear were comparable to that of the contralateral hearing aid aided ear.
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