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Sintering Condition and Optical Properties of Zn3V2O8 Phosphor

Author(s): Tingting Li | Jiaolian Luo | Zentaro Honda | Takeshi Fukuda | Norihiko Kamata

Journal: Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry
ISSN 2162-531X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 173;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Zn3V2O8 Phase | XRD | Crystalline Purity | Internal Quantum Efficiency | Photoluminescence

One of promising phosphors in vanadium oxide family, Zn3V2O8, was successfully synthesized by a solid state reaction of ZnO and V2O5. Characterization by XRD, photoluminescence (PL) and SEM was done for samples with different temperature and time in the sintering process. Residual percentage of secondary Zn2V2O7 phase, subsidiary ZnO and Zn4V2O9 phases was dependent on the sintering condition. The crystalline purity (CP) was defined by the integral intensity ratio of Zn3V2O8 phase and that of residual phases in XRD spectra, which showed a reasonable correspondence to the PL quantum yield (QY) of each sample. The highest QY exceeding 50% was obtained by the sintering condition of 750?C for 48 h. It turned out that the CP value is a good measure of high QY, which can be utilized for developing phosphor materials and controlling their processes.

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