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Sistema Experto Difuso para Determinar Perfiles Criminológicos basado en el Test de Lüscher y Variables Socio-Criminológicas.

Author(s): Christian Cardona | Diana Restrepo | Demetrio Ovalle

Journal: Avances en Sistemas e Informática
ISSN 1657-7663

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 97;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Intelligent Systems | Fuzzy Expert Systems | Lüscher’s Test | Socio-Criminologist Diagnosis | JESS | Meta-Knowledge

The aim of this paper is to present the analysis, design and construction of the fuzzy expert system well-known as “FUZZY PROFILE”, which is based on the fuzzy variables modeling, and socio-psychologist based knowledge acquisition with the purpose of inferring the criminologist trends of a specific individual [1]. In doing so, several data and conceptual elements of a thesis [2] in Criminologist Psychology were taken into account, and a two layer fuzzy architecture was built. This architecture is respectively composed of three and two fuzzy variables in each layer. In addition, these data were used togenerate the knowledge base and the structure of a fuzzy expert system in which its implementation was reached by means of JESS (Java Expert System Shell) [3] library and JAVA programming language. Using these tools a functional prototype was built to diagnose the criminologist trends of a specific individual. This system uses as knowledge social and criminologist issues, and also Lüscher’s Test to infer on thepropensity to commit three kind of offenses related to family, individual, and property issues. Then, the system generates two kind of recommendations based on answers obtained from criminologist diagnosis process.
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