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Six-Phase Matrix Converter Fed Double Star Induction Motor

Author(s): Bachir Ghalem | Bendiabdellah Azeddine

Journal: Acta Polytechnica Hungarica
ISSN 1785-8860

Volume: 7;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 163;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: six-phase | matrix converter | modulation coefficients | double star induction motor

two different control strategies applied to a direct AC-AC six-phase matrixconverter are investigated in the present paper. The first strategy is derived from theVenturini method, and the second approach is practically an extension of the scalarstrategy control. Both strategies were originally applied to the three-phase matrixconverter.The current investigation deals with a comparative performance study of a double starinduction motor fed from a six-phase matrix converter using the two above controlstrategies.After a theoretical introduction of the six-phase matrix converter, a detailed description ofthe strategies implementation is presented followed by a discussion of results obtained fromsimulation results.
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