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Social adaptation and ability of Roma and Non-Roma children living in Turkey

Author(s): Maide Orҫan | Zuhal Z. Güven | Adalet Kandir

Journal: Social and Natural Sciences Journal
ISSN 1804-4158

Volume: 3;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Roma Children | Social Adaptation and Ability | Preschool Period.

It is a fact that Roma people are among sociallydisadvantaged people who live in unenviable conditions. Aseducation is one of the most important tools in the socialintegration of different groups in society, the identification ofsubgroups is a must for further steps on the way to providingscientifically valid and reliable studies. Considering thesepoints and the insufficient amount of academic research inthe field in Turkey, the researchers of the study aimed atinvestigating the social adaptation and abilities of five orsix-year-old Roma children living in Konya, a city with nearlya million dwellers in Turkey. The study was conducted on71 children, aged five or six years old, from Roma andnon-Roma families. The data were gathered by means ofthe Social Adaptation and Ability Scale, and a survey formincluding some demographic questions. As a result,significant differences against the Roma children were foundbetween the groups, and comprehensive studies and urgentmeasures were recommended on the issue.
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