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Social and psychological aspects of human creativity development in educational process

Author(s): T.A. Krasilo

Journal: Psihologičeskaâ Nauka i Obrazovanie
ISSN 2074-5885

Issue: 2;
Start page: 265;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: creative activity | creative personality | creativity | society | social skills | development of cultural experiences | attitudes to knowledge | free training | problematization

We consider the contradictory influences of society on the development of human creativity, which is the following. Social experience lays the foundation for creative activities in imagination development and formation of interests, needs, motivations and positive attitude to reality. This leads to the conclusion that the development of a creative personality in a “free” education is impossible. However, social experience often gives rise to internal limitations of creative ideas –and becomes a source of erecting barriers to creativity. A way to resolve this contradiction, proposed in the article, is considering as a “limiter” of creative activity not the social knowledge, but attitudes to them as unquestionable absolute rule requiring mandatory compliance. This approach allows us to look for possible ways of development of human creativity through the formation of the educational process in the course of relationship to acquired social experience as an evolving, changing system.
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