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A Sociological Analysis of University Students Attitude's toward Suicide

Author(s): Akbar Aliverdinia | Fariborz Peyro | Ahmad Rezaei

Journal: Journal of Applied Sociology
ISSN 2008-5745

Volume: 44;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Suicide | Social Integration | Social Regulation | Durkheim

The main purpose of this research is sociological study of Razi university students of Kermanshah attitude's toward suicide. The research method of this study is survey and the data was gathered by self-administered questionnaire. The sample size of this study was 380 cases of all students of Razi university of Kermanshah in 86-87 education year. Durkheim's suicide theory was used as theoretical framework. The independent variables of this study were social support, family Control, delinquency behavior, anomie and fatalism. Results of multivariable regression analysis show that six hypotheses From eight hypotheses were supported and family support variable was the strongest predictor of tendency toward suicide. Other sicnificant predictors of tendency toward suicide were delinquency behavior, family Control and fatalism.

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