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A Sociological Study of Interpersonal Violence: An Experimental Test of the Social Control Theory

Author(s): Mehraban Parsamehr | Mohsen Saeidimadani | Faezeh Divban

Journal: Journal of Applied Sociology
ISSN 2008-5745

Volume: 46;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Social Control Theory | Interpersonal Violence | Family | Deviant Friends

Violence is a behavior aimed at hurting others; Behaviors such as vituperation, rape, physical abuse and murder are a few examples. Today, different forms of violence have tuned into growing social problems at the same time that they are normalized. Various researchers have studies the role that social variables play in the frequency of deviance behavior. This survey is an experimental study of social control theory to explain the role of family and friends in interpersonal violence. 385 male, high-school students in Yazd city were selected by means of multi-stage cluster sampling to respond to a self-administered questionnaire. The results of the study show that attachment to family, parents’ religiosity and parental control have significant and reverse relationships with interpersonal violence. However, parental conflict and deviant friends have significant and positive relationships with interpersonal violence

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