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Soil formation in high elevation and permafrost areas in the Qinghai Plateau (China) Edafogénesis en zonas elevadas y con permafrost en el Plateau Qunghai (China) Formação do solo em áreas de elevada altitude e em ambientes"permafrost" do planalto de Qinghai Plateau (China)

Author(s): Joselito Arocena | Kevin Hall | Li Ping Zhu

Journal: Spanish Journal of Soil Science
ISSN 2253-6574

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Cryosols | muscovite | feldspar | kaolinite | diamicton | thermal stress | Criosoles | moscovita | feldespato | caolinita | diamicton | stress térmico | Criossolos | moscovite | feldspato | caulinite | diamicton | stress térmico

Soil systems continuously gain and lose matter and energy even in areas where climate is too harsh to support the higher plants such as in high elevations and in permafrost environments. The purpose of this paper was to elucidate soil formation at 4 700 m asl in the Kunlun Mountains of the Qinghai (Tibet) Plateau, China. We collected twenty-six samples from three pedons developed on carbonate-rich slate and quartzitic-sandstone materials. The samples were analyzed for routine physical, chemical and mineralogical properties. Our results indicate that soil-forming processes are barely taking place in the study site as shown by pH > 7.0 reflecting limited decarbonation, biological activity (< 1.0% total C and < 0.05% total N), podzolization ( 7,0 que refleja una limitada descarbonatación,baja actividad biológica ( 7.0 que reflectem uma reduzida descarbonatação, actividade biológica (< 1.0% C total e < 0.05% N total ), podzolização (
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