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Solid state batteries (SSBs) prepared with powder metallurgy route

Author(s): Hu J. | Zhao J. | Ren J.J.

Journal: Science of Sintering
ISSN 0350-820X

Volume: 45;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 149;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Solid state batteries | LiNiO2 powder | Fcc-TiB powder | Powder metallurgy route | Output power

The solid state batteries (SSBs) were prepared by powder metallurgy route. For making SSBs, a special die was designed. LiNiO2 and face centre cubic (fcc) TiB powders [1] were used to make cathodes for SSBs while such metals as Zn or Mg were used to make anodes. The SSBs made with LiNiO2 powder generated relatively low currents (1 to 2 μA) and voltage (0.4~0.9 V) at room temperature. The SSBs made with fcc-TiB cathode generated more power than do the SSBs made with LiNiO2 powder.
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