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Speaking truth to power: Indigenous storytelling as an act of living resistance

Author(s): Aman Sium | Eric Ritskes

Journal: Decolonization : Indigeneity, Education & Society
ISSN 1929-8692

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: decolonization | Indigenous knowledges | storytelling | Indigenous resurgence

In our preparation for this issue, we had particular expectations and beliefs about what it meant to theorize and map out decolonization. We saw decolonization as under theorized and needing more attention. What the authors of this issue reminded us of is that decolonization does not fit the demands and expectations of the Western Euroversity – it is alive and vibrant, being theorized and enacted in Indigenous communities around the globe through practices such as story telling. In this editorial we examine the role that Indigenous storytelling plays as resurgence and insurgence, as Indigenous knowledge production, and as disruptive of Eurocentric, colonial norms of ‘objectivity’ and knowledge. As the authors in this issue explore the specific and located knowledges that work to decolonization, we finish by asking what the role of the reader is in bearing witness to these profound, powerful, and complex articulations of decolonization and Indigenous being.
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