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Author(s): L. Poltavets

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 67;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 99;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: energy resources | energy efficiency of economics | supply | final consumption of the energy resources

The policy of energy efficiency at the state level is aimed above everything at the effective use of available energy reserves. The information about total volume of their use and supply should play a key role in taking well-considered management decisions as far as energy efficiency policy is concerned.The importance of solving the problems related to the research on available energy reserves effective use, which requires systematization of academic and methodological approaches to the corresponding statistical provision, defined the choice and specified this research objective and tasks.The subject of the research is academic and practical aspects of statistic research on energy reserves effective use at the national economy level.The research objective is to define the best economic figures of efficient energy reserves use at the state level.To achieve the research objective the following tasks were defined and completed:1) to assess the tendencies of national energy industry development and energy reserves use;2) to carry out a statistic analysis of efficient energy reserves use at the state level.For the completion of the defined tasks such general scientific methods were used as generalization – to determine the theoretic background of energy industry statistics, logical method – for characterization of the energy reserves current condition; statistical techniques – for the integrated assessment of energy reserves effective use at the state level.This research emphasizes the importance of statistical surveys on the energy reserves effective use. The author has come to the conclusion, that natural gas (37.1 %) occupies the first place in the energy budget structure of Ukraine. The second place in terms of volume is occupied by coal (32.8 % of the combustibles supply structure in Ukraine). The third place is occupied by nuclear energy (18.7 %). It was revealed that Ukrainian economy directly depends on the import of energy reserves: in 2011 45.8 % of all the energy reserves supply was imported, and 62.4 % of the imported reserves was natural gas.Natural gas portion in the scheme of total final consumption of energy reserves constituted 38.5 % – it still remains the main energy reserve used in industry, communal and public service and transport sectors. 16 % is constituted by crude oil and its refinement products, electricity and heat energy. Peat and coal constitute 12.3 %.It was determined that Ukrainian economy is energy-dependent, since in 2011 35 % of total final consumption of energy reserves fell to industry sector, which most energy-intensive branches are iron and steel industry and chemical and petrochemical industries. Such economic structure is the reason of overrun of the gross domestic product (GDP) energy consumption if compared to other European countries.The result of the research is the calculation of the national economy energy efficiency (EE) index number within 2000 – 2011 year period. For example in 2011 this index number equaled 3.604, while in 2000 it was 1.979. Having calculated in such a way EE index numbers for each year for the period of 2000 – 2011 and having analyzed the change dynamics, the author has come to the conclusion that index number increases at the level of national economy, i.e. year by year the smaller volume of energy reserves is spent on manufacturing of products (work) and provision of services by total final consumption (TFC) sector.The carried out analysis gives an opportunity to determine the main directions of final consumption of fuel and energy, volumes of stocks, the level of using energy resources in transformation sector.
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