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Stigmatization and mental health

Author(s): Gulsum Ozge Doganavsargil Baysal

Journal: Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi
ISSN 1300-3755

Volume: 22;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 239;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Stigma | mental disorder | internalized stigmatizasyon | perceived stigma

Stigmatizasyon represent a chronic negative interaction with the environment that most of people with a of diagnosis mental disorders. Different types of stigma may have harmful effects. Poor psychological well being, poor quality of life and poor self esteem are related stigmatization. In this article, definition and mechanism of stigmatization, influenced factors and consequences of stigmatization are reviewed. Stigmatization is a modifiable environmental risk factor. Integrating approaches against stigma in treatment may represent cost-effective way to reduce the risk of relapse and poor outcome occasioned by chronic exposure to stigma. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2013; 22(2.000): 239-251]

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