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Storage Proteins and Trypsin Inhibitors of an Underutilized Legume, Mucuna: Variability and Their Stability during Germination

Author(s): Kempohalli S. Chandrashekharaiah

Journal: American Journal of Plant Sciences
ISSN 2158-2742

Volume: 04;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 910;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Mucuna Seeds | Proteins | Trypsin Inhibitors | Germination | Variation

The proteins and trypsin inhibitors were isolated from the seeds of different varieties/accessions of an underutilized legume, Mucuna. The crude protein content of all the germplasms of Mucuna is varied from 15% - 26%, showed little variation and contain higher crude protein when compared with other Mucuna species reported earlier and the pulse crops commonly consumed in India. The seeds of all the varieties of Mucuna exhibited trypsin inhibitor activity. The trypsin inhibitor activity varied from 11 - 14 TIA/mg of protein. Not much variation was observed in trypsin inhibitory activities in soaked seeds compared to dry seeds. Germination of Mucuna pruriens has been carried out and the change in the protein content and trypsin inhibitors were monitored. The protein content of the endosperm increased up to 72 hrs of germination and then decreased. The trypsin inhibitory activity decreased with increase in germination time. The trypsin inhibitor activity was decreased from 14.81 TIA/mg to 2.62 TIA/mg (82% reduction in the trypsin inhibitor activity) after 144 hrs germination.
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