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Strategic Alignment of VSAT System in Corporate IT: Infokoms’s Case

Author(s): Rasyid, Rafdian

Journal: Online Journal of Space Communication
ISSN 1542-0639

Issue: 8;
Date: 2005;
Original page

Keywords: VSAT | Very Small Aperture Terminal | corporate information technology | applications

The author argues that VSATs ((Very Small Aperture Terminal) play a significant strategic role in terms of supporting businesses, especially in supporting corporate information technologies, in Indonesia. It is obvious that in Indonesia, VSAT is a must have infrastructure for business. Nobody can argue that Indonesia up to now does not have terrestrial infrastructures that can cover remote areas or even metropolitan areas. Only VSATs can reach them. This article describes links that can be made between the existence of VSATs and IT in the corporate environment (e.g. in banking industry). It also discusses challenges faced by VSAT operators, and solutions that can be applied.
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