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Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth: Phytochemistry and pharmacological properties outline

Author(s): Faisal H.M. KOUA

Journal: Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science
ISSN 2231-3354

Volume: 1;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 01;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Parasitic plants | Striga hermonthica | seed germination | cereal crops | tissue culture | phytochemical screening | folkloric medicine.

This mini-review aims to outlining the beneficial impacts of the witch-weed parasiticplant; Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. S. hermonthica plant beside its well-known devastatingimpacts on the most important food cereal crops in Africa and is deemed to be one of the mainfactors that threatens the food security in this continent; it does also have a beneficial side in thetradition medicine for the African people. S. hermonthica has a wide range of medicinal uses; thepharmacological abortificient effect, dermatosis, diabetes, leprosy ulcer, pneumonia and jaundiceremedy, trypanocidal effects, antibacterial and anti-plasmoidal activities have been approved.Here, we focus mainly in the phytochemical studies, its applications in the remediation of bothanimal and human physiological and infectious diseases and Striga tissue culture advantage asbiotechnological application for pharmaceutical production.

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