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Studies on Hypoglycaemic Activity of the Different Extracts of Spondias mangifera willd. Root

Author(s): Acharyya.S | Dash.G.K | Mondal.S | Dash .S.K

Journal: Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
ISSN 0975-5772

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 184;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Glibenclamide | Hyperglycaemic | Normoglycaemic | Oral glucose tolerance Test (OGTT) | Spondias pinnata.

Diabetes, the most prevailing metabolic disorder is attracting present research attention towards it. In the present study, the various extracts of the roots of Spondias mangifera (Family: Anacardiaceae) was evaluated for hypoglycemic activity on adult Wistar albino rats at dose levels of 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg p.o. respectively each using normoglycaemic, glucose loaded and alloxan induced hyperglycaemic rats. Glibenclamide (2.5 mg/kg) was used as reference standard for activity comparison. Among the tested extracts, the methanol extractwas found to produce promising results that is comparable to that of the reference standard glibenclamide. The preliminary phytochemical examination of the methanol extract revealed presence of flavonoids, tannins, saponins and terpenoids. The present work justifies the use of the roots in the folklore treatment in diabetes.
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