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Studies on Insecticidal activity and Nutritive composition of a macrolichen Parmotrema pseudotinctorum (des. Abb.) Hale (Parmeliaceae)

Author(s): K.S. Vinayaka 1*, S.V. Praveen Kumar 2, N. Mallikarjun 3, T.R. Prashith Kekuda 4 ;

Journal: Drug Invention Today
ISSN 0975-7619

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 102;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Parmotrema pseudotinctorum | Nutritive composition | Insecticidal activity | Aedes aegypti | Elemental analysis

The present study was carried to determine the nutritive composition and insecticidal activity of a macrolichen Parmotrema pseudotinctorum (des. Abb.) Hale (Parmeliaceae) collected from forest area of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. The nutritive parameters namely moisture, ash, fat, crude fiber, protein, carbohydrate and mineral contents were determined. The insecticidal efficacy of solvent extracts was determined against second instar larvae of Aedes aegypti. P. pseudotinctorum was found to possess high crude fiber, carbohydrate and protein content. Nutritive value was found to be 336.1 cal/100g. Phosphorus was found to be in high concentration than potassium. A rich amount of iron was detected followed by manganese, copper and zinc. The insecticidal efficacy of solvent extracts was found to be concentration dependent. Among extracts, marked insecticidal activity was observed in case of methanol extract than other extracts. Phytochemical analysis detected tannins and steroids in the methanol extract. Thin layer chromatography revealed the presence of Atranorin and Lecanoric acid. The insecticidal activity of P. pseudotinctorum could be mainly due to constituents present in extracts. The results of this study highlighted the significance of the macrolichen P. pseudotinctorum studied in terms of its rich nutritive composition and justify the possible use of the lichen in reducing problems associated with malnourishment. The extracts of the lichen selected in this study could be used in the control of mosquitoes. Further studies on isolation of active principles and determination of insecticidal activity of them are to be carried out.
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