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A Study of Factors Influencing Chinese Students’ Satisfaction toward Thai Universities

Author(s): Paweena Songsathaphorn | Chenin Chen | Athapol Ruangkanjanases

Journal: Journal of Economics, Business and Management
ISSN 2301-3567

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 105;
Date: 2014;
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Keywords: Chinese | factors | influencing | satisfaction | Thai | universities.

Given an intense competition in international education business these days, understanding the factors influencing Chinese students’ satisfaction could facilitate Thai education providers and the government to improve and develop their programs to better satisfy potential Chinese customers in order to attract more Chinese students to Thailand. Therefore, the main objectives of this study were (1) to realize influential factors that have positive effect on Chinese students’ satisfaction toward Thai higher education, (2) to examine level of Chinese students’ satisfaction toward Thai higher education, and (3) to provide recommendations for both Thai higher education institutions and the government. This study is quantitative research using satisfaction questionnaire as a tool to collect primary data, from the sample size of 215 Chinese students studying in universities in Bangkok. Seven key factors were comprised and formulated as a conceptual model tested in this study. Data analysis and hypothesis testing were performed by using Pearson’s product moment correlation and multiple regressions. The findings indicated that only four factors have significant positive influence on overall Chinese students’ satisfaction toward Thai higher education. These four factors are education, safety, image and prestige of institution, and student’s preparation before going abroad. The multiple regression models with these four factors could predict 60.8% of the variance in the overall student satisfaction.
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