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A study of fingerprint pattern and gender distribution of fingerprint in and around Bijapur

Author(s): Sayed Yunus Khadri | E.S. Goudar | Sayeda Yasmeen Khadri

Journal: Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences
ISSN 0974-1143

Volume: 06;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 328;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Fingerprint | ridge count

Objective: This study was undertaken to determine the Predominant fingerprint pattern and Gender distribution of fingerprint pattern in and around Bijapur. Materials and Methods: The present study was conducted at department of Forensic Medicine Al-Ameen medical college, Bijapur from 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2009. Results: Total subjects included were 500 Males and 500 Females. Among male age group ranged from 18-60 years mean age was 30.88+9.93 and female age group ranged from 18-60 years. Mean age was 33.9+11.79.The predominant pattern among both Male and Female was Ulnar loop (38.42%) in Male and (44.56%) in Female. Followed by Plain whorl (24.04%) in Male and (18.24%) in Female respectively. Mean ridge count in Male was 12.4 and in Female were 12. Conclusion: The predominant pattern among both Male and Female is ulnar loop. The ridge count in Male was slightly more than in Female.
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