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A Study on Ayurveda Poly Herbal Compound of Yogaratnakar (17 - A.D.) w.s.r. Rakta-Pradara (Abnormal Uterine Bleeding)

Author(s): Nomina Vishnu Adwani | Paramkusha Rao M

Journal: International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine
ISSN 0976-5921

Volume: 3;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Rakta Pradara | Yogaratnakar | Shatavari Yashti Yoga | Tandulodaka

Rakta Pradara (Abnormal uterine bleeding) is commonest problem encountered by gynecologist in today's practice and incidence becomes higher with degree of civilization. Various treatments prescribed in modern medicine like HRT, Antifibrinolytic agents etc have not proved their definite efficacy Inspite of high price and side effect. The present study titled "Clinical study of Shatavari Yashti yoga on Rakta-Pradara w.s.r. to Yogaratnakar" was aimed to observe the efficacy of the trial drug Shatavari Yashti Yoga (Poly herbal compound) in Rakta Pradara (Abnormal uterine bleeding). The clinical study was conducted on 30 patients selected randomly and divided in to three groups based on the drug for the clinical trial. Group 1- Shatavari Yashti Yoga with Anupana Tandulodaka; Group 2 - Shatavari Yashti Yoga without Anupana and Group 3 - Placebo with Tandulodaka. The Clinical assessment was done on the basis of grading criteria with specific Symptomology of Rakta Pradara (Abnormal uterine bleeding) like Amount and duration of bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding, Pain, burning sensation, pallor, and weakness thenĀ  mean scores levels of these Symptoms before and after the treatment of all three groups were subjected for student paired 't' test for statistical analysis. Conclusion: The results were statistically and clinically significant not only to cure Rakta Pradara but also in improving general health of women.
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