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四川省世界遗产保护与可持续发展研究 Study on Sustainable Development of World Heritage Sites in Sichuan

Author(s): 陈沙沙 | 范文静 | 孙克勤

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 65;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 四川省 | 世界遗产 | 可持续发展 | Sichuan Province | World Heritage | Sustainable Development

四川省是我国世界遗产较多的省份,共有五项世界遗产,其中既有文化遗产、自然遗产也有混合遗产。由于不同的世界遗产具有不同的地理特征与不同的自然文化价值、以及可进入性、营销宣传、旅游开发政策等因素的影响使得各世界遗产地在发展旅游方面存在较大的差异。本文从四川省各处世界遗产特征、旅游现状以及四川省遗产发展的SWOT分析等方面进行分析,探索出一条四川省世界遗产相互协调、相互补充,整体可持续发展的道路,具体措施有:1) 提倡跨景区联合发展;2) 加强全省世界遗产的统一管理;3) 大力发展预备名录景区;4) 加强遗产地数字化建设。There are five world heritage sites in Sichuan Province which content cultural heritage, natural heritage and mixed heritage. Due to the different geographical features and different cultural and natural values as well as accessibility, marketing, tourism development policy and other factors, there appear difference in tourism development and tourism revenues. So in this paper, we make an analysis on features, tourism status and SWOT of this area. Then, we put forward sustainable development strategies such as promoting the united development of different areas, strengthening the unified management of the province’s world heritage, devel-oping the area of preliminary list and strengthening the digital construction of world heritage sites.
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