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The study of the relationship between social trust and feeling of social security among youths in Shiraz and Yasuj cities

Author(s): Halimeh Enayate | Majid Movahed | Alahrahm Heydari

Journal: Journal of Applied Sociology
ISSN 2008-5745

Volume: 45;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Trust | Feeling of Social Security | Youth | Shiraz | Yasuj | Institutional Security | Generalized Trust

The examination of the relationship between social trust (generalized and institutional trust) and feeling of social security of the youths of Shiraz and Yasouj cities are the main goals of this paper. The quantitative method is used to collect the necessary data for this study. The role of social trust in increasing of feeling of social security have been noticed by many social theorists. On the evidence of data analysis, and accordance with theoretical framework of the research the level of social trust and feeling of social security of respondents of Shiraz city is lower than Yasouj city in every dimension of two variables( higher modernity= more distrust and higher feeling of insecurity). But the result of ancova analysis showed that higher feeling of security among the city of Yasuj related to their higher trust to institutions not to their placement. Further, both of generalized trust and institutional trust have positive and direct effects on every five dimensions of feeling of security. But, the effect of institutional dimension of trust on political and juridical security is very higher than its generalized one and, the effect of generalized trust on feeling of public and economic security is the same as the institutional dimension. Therefore, the result of this research reflects the importance of both generalized and institutional trust in security studies.
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