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Substantiation of a heuristic algorithm in the knapsack problem

Author(s): А.А. Bоsоv | А.В. Gоrbоvа | Н.В. KHalipovа

Journal: Science and Transport Progress
ISSN 2307-3489

Issue: 42;
Start page: 170;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: knapsack problem | set functions | vector optimization | the task of investing

Introduction: Formed knapsack problem in terms of set functions and is a heuristic algorithm. The goal: to prove that the heuristic algorithm is essential. Some facts from [2]. The equivalence of the limit order to E.Borelyu and convergence in measure. The theorem about the need to set a maximum of function. The situation is quite the algorithm: We present three cases where a heuristic algorithm is sufficient. Counterexample: An Rear take from [1], and given the addition heuristic algorithm, which allows to obtain the solution of the knapsack problem. Vector optimization: With the knapsack problem is tied vector optimization of investment activities. Conclusions: The proposed algorithm for solving the knapsack problem and for additive functions algorithm for Pareto solutions of vector optimization for the two indicators. Appendix: an agenda for the Maple solutions knapsack problem.
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