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Sugar Beet Productivity, Depending on Growth Environment, Planting Density and Harvest Time

Author(s): Asker Taichibekov | Kuttybai Mirzaliev | Zhaksybai Tuleubaev | Erdos Sultanaev

Journal: European Researcher
ISSN 2219-8229

Volume: 54;
Issue: 7-1;
Start page: 1803;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: farming equipment | sugar beet | row spacing | planting density | species | sowing | harvest time.

It was detected that when 6 beet roots are sowed in 1 metre row and the row spacing is 45 cm if compared to 60 cm, more that 100 thousand plants per 1 hectare are harvested and high yield of sugar beet of all the test species is guaranteed. The yield of 10 October if compared to the yield of 10 September with the row spacing of both 60 cm and 45 cm was better and sugar content of all the test species was higher.
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