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Sull’emendazione dell’imperfetto. La teologia cosmologica del Beweisgrund (1763) di Kant

Author(s): Gianluca Garelli

Journal: Annali del Dipartimento di Filosofia dell’Università di Firenze
ISSN 0394-5073

Volume: 8;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 89;
Date: 2002;
Original page

The Only Possible Premise for a Demonstration of the Existence of God (1763) gives its reader some keys to explain Kant’s teleological attitude, from early essays to critical philosophy. The paper discusses 1) some problems of the relationship between physical analysis and proof of the existence of God since Kant’s early sixties; 2) the meaning of pourposiveness, in order to explain the double-bind relationship between a priori and a posteriori, and its theoretical consequences; 3) the plausibility of Kant’s reflection for some main lines of modern philosophy of religion, first of all in developing Kantian features, such as modal arguments and a critical concept of teleology.
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