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Summary of recommendations on prescription of radiological examinations and treatment of patients exposed to ionising rays at work

Author(s): Ibanez G | Lafortune J | Martinez L

Journal: Pratiques et Organisation des Soins
ISSN 1952-9201

Volume: 41;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 231;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Risk management | radiation | ionizing | quality of health care | consumer health information | healthcare economics and organizations.

Aim: Population exposure to ionising radiations is of great concern for French and international health authorities. How to optimise the prescription of radiological examinations in primary care settings? How to improve the management of patients exposed to ionising radiations during professional work? Methods: We performed a systematic review of recommendations for clinical practice or guidelines established by the French Health Authorities and of articles related to the prescription of radiological examinations. Articles were identified from searches of CISMeF and PubMed databases. Papers assessed as relevant and useful for General Practitioners were included for analysis. Results: The literature search identified 386 citations from which 20 papers fulfilled the inclusion criteria. The first key message assumed that X-ray prescriptions were justified, that imaging techniques switched to nonionising medical examinations, as well as the recognition of patients at risk was achieved. In addition, the second message fancied reaching a closer cooperation between prescribing doctors and radiologists which could be envisaged within the present legal framework. Third, it seemed reasonable to consider that recognition of an occupational disease resulting from exposure to ionising radiation would be facilitated through the awareness of the general practitioner combined with collaboration with the occupational physician. Conclusion: The perspectives for an improvement in French medical radiological protection are based on the communication of a “radiological culture” to practitioners as well as the development of a better coordination between the health professionals. Prat Organ Soins. 2010;41(3):231-236
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