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Supervaluationism and necessarily borderline sentences

Author(s): Pablo Cobreros

Journal: Disputatio
ISSN 0873-626X

Volume: III;
Issue: 25;
Start page: 41;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Logical consequence | vagueness | supervaluationism

The supervaluationist theory of vagueness is committed to a particular notion of logical consequence known as global validity. According to a recent objection, this notion of consequence is more problematic than is usually thought since i) it bears a commitment to some sort of bizarre inferences, ii) this commitment threatens the internal coherence of the theory and iii) we might find counterexamples to classically valid pat-terns of inference even in the absence of a definitely-operator (or similar device). As a consequence, the supervaluationist theory itself is in trouble. This paper discusses the objection.

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