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A Survey Of Sql Injection Countermeasures

Author(s): R.P.Mahapatra | Subi Khan

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey
ISSN 0976-3252

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 55;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: SQL injection attacks | Database | Authentication Bypass | Secure Systems

SQL injection has become a predominant type of attacks that target web applications. It allows attackers to obtain unauthorized access to the back-end database to change the intended application-generated SQL queries. Researchers have proposed various solutions to address SQL injection problems. However, many of them have limitations and often cannot address all kinds of injection problems. What’s more, new types of SQL injection attacks have arisen over the years. To better counter these attacks, identifying and understanding existing countermeasures are very important. In this research , I had surveyed existing techniques against SQL injection attacks and analyzed their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, I identified techniques for building secure systems and applied them to my applications and database system, and illustrated how they were performed and the effect of them.
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