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Surving of the Social Participation of People in Marvdasht City and Effective Factors in 2008

Author(s): Mohammad Mazloum Khorasani | Mohsen Noghani | Mohammadreza Khalife

Journal: Journal of Applied Sociology
ISSN 2008-5745

Volume: 45;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: participation | Social Participation | Citizenship Political Alienation

This study aims to inverstigate the social participation of marvdasht's city. In this research from the views of intellectual choice, Mazola's needs and provocation, the formalities of Randal Collins's reciprocal action, Antony Geiddens, Dull, Lerner and Huntington's structure, and at the end the theoretical analysis of the hypotheses of the investigation was chosen. In this investigation a statistical society including individuals form 18 to 65 ages, residing in Marvdasht city was chosen accidetally 385 individuals. The method of this research is metrial and we used a questionnaire to collect the data. The analysis of the data is done by using the statistical methods of analysis and variance, t-test, the correlation coefficient, and linear regression. The f results show that the variables of gender, age, education, job, income, civic dependence, having political power, political alienation, a feeling of satisfaction about the operation of city responsible, administering civic rights, and using the collective communication systems, have a meaningful relation with the variable of social cooperation. Also, the numerous relations of the effective factors on the social cooperation were investigated by using the regression model. The final pattern showed that the income variable is most effective in cooperation, from all of the independent variable. This means that the more the individual's income, the more his social cooperation in civic affairs. Furthermore, among the other variable, in order, the following ones are more effective in social cooperation: having political power, political alienation, civic dependence and user of factors the range and influetionas of the collective communication systems.

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