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Syndromes of intracavitary and intraorgan hypertension in surgical practice

Author(s): Ville Timerbulatov | Shamil Timerbulatov

Journal: European Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical Journal
ISSN 1804-5804

Volume: 4;
Start page: 40;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Uniform Pathological Process | Intracavitary | Intraorgan | Intratissular | Hypertension | Syndrome | Excessive Pressure | Perfusion Pressure

The significance of intracavitary, intraorgan, hypertension syndrome identification as a novel uniform (model) pattern of apathological process is substantiated in the in the article based on currently available literature sources and clinical practiceexperience. A conformity analysis of the considered pathological syndromes and model pathological processes criteria ispresented with reference to data on etiology, pathogenesis, anatomical and some ontogenetic suppositions and stipulations.Criteria for the studied pathological conditions differentiation in clinical practice are proposed.

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