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Synergistic Effect of Allium cepa-Zn2+ System on the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Ground Water

Journal: Engineering
ISSN 1947-3931

Volume: 05;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 178;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Carbon Steel | Allium cepa | Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency | Ground Water

The corrosion inhibition efficiency (IE) of an aqueous extract Allium cepa (onion) in controlling the corrosion of carbon steel ground water in absence and presence of with Zn2+ has been studied by weight loss method. The formulation consisting of 3 mL Allium cepa extract, 50 ppm of Zn2+ and 50 ppm of sodium pattassium tartarate which offers 97% inhibition efficiency. The synergistic effect exists between onion-Zn2+-tartarate system. The addition of N-cetyl-N,N,N- trimethylammonium bromide on onion-Zn2+-tartarate system does not change the excellent inhibition efficiency. Polarization study shows that the onion-Zn2+-tartarate system functions as a cathodic inhibitor. AC impedance spectra reveals that a protective film is formed on the metal surface. The UV fluorescent spectra indicate the possibility of formation of Fe2+-onion complex and also Zn2+-onion complex in solution. Thus the protective film is found to be UV fluorescent.
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