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综合地球物理近地表调查技术在复杂山地区地震资料采集中的应用分析 Synthetical Geophysical Near-Surface Survey Method Application and Analysis in Complex Mountain Seismic Prospecting

Author(s): 李桂林 | 高星 | 刘洪 | 敬朋贵 | 殷厚成 | 王伟

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 2163-3987

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 近地表调查 | 地球物理方法 | 速度模型 | 物性模型 | 复杂山地 | Near-Surface Surveys | Geophysical Method | Velocity Model | Physical Model | Complex Mountain

本文针对南方地区复杂近地表条件的地质、地球物理特点,进行综合地球物理近地表结构调查方法组合试验,通过多种地球物理技术手段联合应用分析,总结了一套有针对性的南方复杂山地区表层结构调查方法技术组合。通过多种方法的组合使用和资料的联合解释,建立较准确的近地表速度及岩性结构模型,为地震资料采集的激发、接收因素选择提供依据,也为静校正处理提供可靠的资料,在南盘江和凯理地区的实际应用中较好的指导了井深及井位设计,对提高地震资料信噪比和分辨率取得了较好的效果。In connection with the southern region of complex near surface condition of geological and geo- physical characteristics, we made comprehensive geophysical near surface structure survey combination ex- perimental research, and summarized a set of targeted of complex surface structure survey method technology in the south area through many geophysical methods. Through combined methods and synthetical explain, to establish a more accurate near-surface velocity and lithology structure model, provide seismic data acquisition excitation and receiving factors, and provide reliable data for static correction processing. In Nanpanjiang and KaiLi regions seismic prospecting, it gives better guidance to the design for well depth and location, and has obtained a better effect to improve signal-to-noise ratio and resolution of Seismic data.
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