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Taylor Series-based Tracking Algorithm for Through-Wall Tracking of a Moving Person

Author(s): Mária Švecová | Dušan Kocur

Journal: Acta Polytechnica Hungarica
ISSN 1785-8860

Volume: 7;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 5;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: localization | target tracking | Taylor series | TOA | UWB radar system

Target tracking using time of arrival measurements belongs to the primary taskssolved within radar signal processing. In this paper, the Taylor series-based trackingalgorithm that uses time of arrival measurements for through wall tracking of the movingtarget is introduced. The proposed algorithm is derived from the Taylor series methodapplied for target localization. In contrast to the Taylor series method, the Taylor seriesbasedtracking algorithm exploits for target positioning not only actual time of arrivalmeasurements, but also the target position estimated in the previous time instant. In orderto improve the tracking ability of the proposed algorithm, a suitable weighting of the inputdata of the algorithm is applied. The performance of the Taylor series-based trackingalgorithm will be compared with the performance of the direct calculation method andlinear Kalman filtering. For that purpose, two real scenarios of through wall tracking of amoving person will be analysed. The obtained results will show very clearly that the newTaylor series based tracking algorithm introduced in this paper can provide the betterestimate of the target trajectory than the other tested localization and tracking algorithms.
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