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The Terminology of the Public Relations Field in the Slovenian Language

Author(s): Nataša Logar Berginc | Dejan Verčič | Monika Kalin Golob

Journal: Medijske Studije
ISSN 1847-9758

Volume: 4;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 94;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: language policy | digitalization | terminology | TERMIS | corpus | automatic term extraction | e-dictionary

This article includes two starting points: (a) the development of the Slovenian (and Croatian) language in science and professions is being increasingly limited by the narrow comprehension of internationalised higher education and science; (b) in the digital age, the fields of usage being lost in those languages are those not supported enough in terms of language technology. With the case of the Slovenian public relations terminology, we reveal that it is possible to confront both: on the basis of the previously formed corpus of professional texts, KoRP, which is linguistically earmarked and freely available online, and in the TERMIS project. We initially inferred one- or multi-word term candidates with the LUIZ programme, and then acquired the typical text environment and best dictionary examples automatically by means of the Sketch Engine tool and its application Word Sketches together with the GDEX tool. The infrastructure formed during the project will be freely available after the conclusion of the project (June 2013), and the dictionary, which will include 2,000 terms regarding public relations, may be understood as a model for the creation of modern terminology dictionaries of other professions as well.
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