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Testicular Antifertility Action of Cassia angustifolia in Male Albino Rats

Author(s): Dhanapal. R | Babitha. J | Kandeepan. S | Murugaian. P

Journal: Advanced Biotech
ISSN 0973-0109

Volume: 12;
Issue: 07S;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Testicular Antifertility | Cassia angustifolia

The present study describes the reproductive effect of leaves aqueous extract of Cassia angustifolia on male albino rats. The adult male rat received 1 ml of C. angustifolia extract at a dose level 50 mg/rat /day and 100 mg /rat/day for 45 days orally. The result showed that the body weight of all days exhibit did not any significance loss but in treatment I and II, the weights of reproductive organ like testis, epididymis, seminal vesicle and ventral prostate were decreased significantly when compared to control. Sperm motility and sperm count were reduced significantly abnormalities of sperm were observed and resulted in reduction of male fertility. Germ cells populations were noticed. ie, spermatogonia, primary spermatocytes, secondary spermatocytes, round spermatid and spermatid, Surface areas of sertoli cells nuclear area were decreased. There were various degrees of damage of the seminiferous tubules. In conclusion C.angustifolia leaves extract administration arrests the spermatogenesis in male rats.
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