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Theoretical strengthening of the concept of appealing in analysed sermons on Matthew 25:31–46 in the context of poverty in South Africa

Author(s): Hennie J.C. Pieterse

Journal: In die Skriflig
ISSN 1018-6441

Volume: 47;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Matthew 25:31–46 | poverty in South Africa | theoretical strengthening | appealing

From a qualitative grounded theory analysis in a sample of 26 sermons with Matthew 25:31–46 as sermon text, a rhetorical structure of how the preachers try to convince their listeners to care for the poor emerged. The homiletical concept of appealingrelated to all the categories borne out of the analysis of the inner world of the 26 sermons, and also to the categories showing this rhetorical structure in the sermons. The article discusses what the dimensions are in the concept of appealingborne out of the sermons in which the rhetorical structure was apparent, which rhetorical theory would fit as theoretical base for the concept of appealing in its relationship with the rhetorical structure in the sermons, and what dilemma the preachers face when they try to convince their listeners to participate in the care for the poor. The rhetorical theory of deliberative rhetoric (Aristotle) and the classical theory with the three dimensions logos, ethosand pathosis discussed in this article as theoretical thickening of the concept of appealingto the listeners of the sermons. This article attempts to demonstrate how to go about theorising from a grounded theory analysis of sermons with Matthew 25:31–46 as a sermon text with, as result, a theory that could help preachers in preaching from this text in the context of poverty in South Africa.

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